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Snowshoeing excursions


  Snowshoeing is another activity that everyone can enjoy when there is snow; it offers the chance to go for walks around the most beautiful snow-covered sceneries in Sierra de Guadarrama. Enjoying snow while snowshoeing is probably the easiest and most pleasing way to go around the Sierra de Guadarrama. By snowshoeing, one can get to almost all the sites of the mountain. Even though it is a manageable activity, one should not forget about the difficulties of winter mountaineering and the danger of the snow sheets.

Although it has become more and more frequent that visitors bring their equipment, there are numerous places where such material can be rented, for example in the Puerto de Navacerrada; besides, many companies offer guided tours to groups and individuals.



Always make sure that the trail you are following does not take you into restricted areas of the National Park.

If you prefer to have company during your snowshoeing trips in Sierra de Guadarrama, here you can find the best professionals: