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Majalespino Reservoir, the secret of Becerril de la Sierra

The Majalespino Reservoir, also known as the Malicious Reservoir, is an all-important stop on the usual path of the mountaineers to this emblematic altitude of the Guadarrama mountain range. These summits are one of the most significant icons of this landscape and they have been endlessly pictured.

The reservoir gets its water from the Peña Jardera stream and provides drinking water to the municipality of Becerril de la Sierra. When it comes to understanding the mountain landscape, the beauty of the surroundings makes of this reservoir a mandatory stop.

 From this reservoir, you can clearly and extensively see the various landscapes and ecosystems that shape the Sierra de Guadarrama: high mountains, plains and pastures for the livestock and areas of spectacular stones of high-quality granite that made famous the quarries of the surrounding areas.

 This granite stone area is full of sinuous and craggy paths which many shepherds and more than one bandit crossed in the old days when transiting these mountain ranges on horseback and in stagecoaches was a true adventure.