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La Cabilda Archaeological Site

Camino del Cementerio, 11. Hoyo de Manzanares.

This place of rendezvous with history is located in the recreation area of La Cabilda, on the outskirts of Hoyo de Manzanares town. It preserves the ruins of a Visigothic village from the 7th century A.D., in a place easy to reach and with spectacular panoramic views of the Sierra de los Picazos and Monte de El Pardo. In recent years two constructions of this village have been dug, and 23 more are known to exist.

 Vestiges of the daily life of the local inhabitants have been found here: grinding stones, jewellery, pieces of pottery and ornamental ceramicware. These people led a quiet life and established various settlements in the warmest and best-sheltered areas of the Sierra de Guadarrama; they lived in small communities, worked the land and raised livestock.

 The site is signposted for self-guided visits. Since its opening, it has been a unique initiative

of archaeology open to the public, as the same people who undertook it also volunteered

in the excavation processes.

 The display panels will help us recreate the way of life and culture of these people, thus

taking one more step in learning about the history of the Sierra de Guadarrama. The archaeological site continues to be studied and excavated; it also offers guided visits.