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Trail running

Trails and mountains to run in the Siera de Guadarrama

 Trail running and mountain races are activities that in recent years have experienced notable growth, in terms of the number of participants, competitions, organized teams, and club.

 Trail running is a way to escape from the asphalt and seek greater contact with nature. It is a sport that can be practised in high, medium and low mountain areas and uses tracks and unpaved roads. Often, significant differences in altitudes can be overcome.

 The Sierra de Guadarrama is an excellent destination for the fans of mountain races and professionals who want to train different kinds of trail running. Many of the Guadarrama summits exceed 2,000 meters and require runners to be fit from a technical, physical and mental point of view. But the Sierra de Guadarrama also offers more doable routes on the hillsides and at the bottom of mountain valleys, through pine forests or pastures of oaks and ash trees.