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The Sierra de Guadarrama, also known as the Sierra de Madrid, offers an abundance of different landscapes, valuable natural and cultural resources, pure and fresh air… traditional paths that link its villages… Discover our hiking and mountain biking trails! If you are interested in the activities offered by the Sierra de Madrid, you can check the agenda of the Town Halls, updated every week by our association.

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ADESGAM (Asociación de Desarrollo Sierra de Guadarrama) pursues among other things to develop, promote and consolidate actions taken by different public and private agents that lead to a sustainable development Sierra de Guadarrama, meaning sustainable economic and social development.

Among ADESGAM´s objectives are to promote, support and encourage activities focused on defending the cultural, artistic, historical, architectural and environmental heritage.

    Books on Sierra de Guadarrama


    The publications about the Sierra de Guadarrama try to describe some of the elements that identify our Sierra from a natural and human point of view, biological and artificial; two perspectives that from their apparent opposition, are but different aspects of the same reality: the historical moment of a territory and all those living on it, whether people, animals or plants. It is an approach via the senses, which will hopefully be shared by each reader. The reader who already knows the territory will undoubtedly recognize in these descriptions the different facets of our region.




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