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Cercedilla: from a place to pass by to a residential area
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From a literature fantasy up to reality, Cercedilla can be named as a “town to pass by”, being History a witness of this. Even the character Buscón from Quevedo’s book slept a night in a Hostel of Cercedilla, in the Segovia way, around year 1600. And talking about literature, the Rinconete character is worth to mention, main character of Rinconete y Cortadillo, Cervantes book. Rinconete described himself as “from the Fuenfrida, a place known and famous because of the distinguished passengers that are always passing by” (this description shows that Fuenfrida is Cercedilla).

These distinguished passengers that Cervantes described so well are the Kings and Queens of Spanish History that used the Fuenfría Roman way to go from Segovia to Madrid. One of the first to use it was Carlos I, making Cercedilla as a place to pass by for the royal procession that would travel from Madrid to Valsaín, where the King had built a hunting house that after Felipe II would transform in a Palace in 1561.

Other good moment for the use of Cercedilla as a pass point happened when the new La Granja Palace works finished. In those days, Cercedilla became an inevitable stop for the Royal Procession and the Corps Guardians. Because of this situation, between 1728 and 1730, when Felipe V was reigning, the complete refurbishment of the Roman Way and bridges was undertaken.

On the other hand, the opening of other road in Navacerrada in 1793, under Carlos III realm, produced a strong decline in Cercedilla, as since then the Royal Procession abandoned the Fuenfría Way. The town would not recover until 1888, when the new train line from Villalba to Segovia was inaugurated, with a stop in Cercedilla. Since then, the town instead of being a “town to pass by”, became a place where to stay. A sample of this fact is having some famous visitants, as Nobel awarded scientist Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Nobel writer Vicente Aleixandre and poet Luis Rosales.
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